Welcome Adventure Travel Enthusiasts!

The team at 11 Visions goes on outlandish adventures and documents them for your entertainment. We just finished our latest adventure – a paddling trip down the entire Mississippi River. Our next adventure titled Go to Hell? is a humorous look at the state of religion in the United States. Keep visiting this blog for updates, photos, and video from these two new films. Notice: our stories are about real people and real situations, and therefore are not censored for language.

Our previous feature film, The Hitchhiking Movie is out now on DVD and is also viewable online our store. Thank you to the Secret City Film Festival, for which The Hitchhiking Movie was an official selection.

Sometimes it seems as though everything that can be experienced in this world, already has been.  “Nothing to see here,” and, “Been there, done that,” are phrases that permeate our culture.  At 11 Visions, we believe the world shown to us with its nice, neat and “acceptable” borders is decidedly unacceptable.  We push those borders out; we step beyond them, terrified at times, but we step.  There is more, much more, to this world than meets the eye, and we intend to explore it.  Ready to step? Share in the adventure by subscribing to our RSS feed or newsletter. Still don’t get what we’re about? Read more about us.

dream it. live it. film it.