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On June 22nd 2009, the 11 Visions team launched their paddling trip down the Mississippi River. Click here to see our updates and videos of our travels all the way to New Orleans. The trip finished October 4, 2009 and the DVD will be finished in August 2010.

2009 is shaping up to be an interesting year for the 11 Visions crew. Off the successful completion of The Hitchhiking Movie, we have decided to give you, dear reader, an even greater chance to share in the adventure.  This June we will be floating down the entire length of the Mississippi River and we want you to come along!

Rollin' on a... holy crap! 2500 miles?!
Rollin' on a... holy crap! 2500 miles?!

Ryan will be departing from Lake Itasca, Minnesota and floating all the way to the Gulf of Mexico!  That’s right – two thousand two hundred and fifty-two miles of craziness just to entertain you!  We will be posting regular trip updates, outrageous videos, blog posts, and interactive games for you to play with.  Stay involved by signing up for our RSS feed or newsletter, and checking in regularly for the latest.

This summer, get a real time glimpse of what it’s like to float the Great River on two Sea Eagle kayaks and sleep on the bank in [enter name of whoever sponsors us] tents.  (Anyone who starts playing the Brokeback Mountain song gets punched in the face.)  You will get to see how two experienced outdoorsmen (snicker) handle five-foot riverboat wake, water-treading black bears, and find creative ways to handle numbers 1 and 2.  (No, that’s not going to be on camera!  Sick bastard.)
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Concerned for our safety?  You should be.  We have no idea what the hell we’re doing, but that’ll make great TV.  Bruce “Buck” Nelson, who paddled the River in 2001, gives anyone deciding to paddle the Mississippi two words of advice – pay attention.  So though neither of us is a Bear Grylls, we assure you there will be at least one set of eyes on the river at all times.


The total trip length is hard to estimate because the river speed varies along the course, but we are estimating it will take between 2 to 3 months.  I have prayed to Jesus, Buddha, several Norse gods and whatever god Tom Cruise prays to, that this trip not exceed October 1.


Phillip had owned a Sea Eagle Explorer for 9 years and said it had taken an absolute beating and still come through like a champ.  So I called them up and asked for new ones.  They saw The Hitchhiking Movie and said, yeah sure.  So we’ll be taking two brand new Sea Eagle Explorers down the Mighty Mississippi.

We’re also are getting a new video camera specifically for this trip. I’ve chosen the Sony HDR-XR520V which will supply us with amazing HD (sorta) images during the trip. An additional Underwater Housing should help keep it safe as well.

Click Me, Buy One Cuz I Rock
Click Me, Buy One Cuz I Rock (Or at least I won't get trashed if you take me over one.)

Your Job:

Your job is to come along with us this summer and join in the phone.  In fact you can send us an email right now at mississippitrip@11visions.com and wish us well or ill as you like.  Either way we’d love to hear from you.  But beware!  Positive or negative, we reserve the right to publish all mail.  Buahahahahhahahahhaahaha!  You have been warned.

This summer’s going to be fun and we’re glad you’re coming along.  See ya on the river.


12 thoughts on “Mississippi Float”

  1. Greetings from the land of the really big lakes.
    Hope to see you on the River, we depart from Lake Nemegekagon at the headwaters of the St Croix on May 24th. We should join the Mississippi some time in the first week of June. Best of luck.

  2. And greetings from the highest mountain east of the Mississippi (Mt Mitchell, NC)

    River rats of 09, if you don’t fall in you haven’t had a bit of fun – personally I’m looking forward to having a ‘blast,’ and looking forward to a few meetings along the way (4/11, river temp 48 at the moment).

  3. Heiio Ryan n Phill , Am i talking to the same Ryan Jeans as in swimming Alcatraz n next the channel .Anyhow you dudes im looking at yourMississippi trip n wishing you the best of Irish luck .The craic should be mighty . Have you brought a piano along a concert grand ? . Afew tins of the black stuff n a wee drop of the hard stuff . SING ALONG . bye GERRARD .

  4. Hey , Top of the morning to yee all from Ireland . Why not take susie and her neighbours ? . Inever laughed so much since the pig ate the wee brother . Ryan no training for the channel swim ,or perhaps swim after the raft . Isuppose youl commence in a few months time . Ive sent you an email of my journey 6000miles in Africa . Well thats my thoughts so far i may send you a message using BIGGLES my carrier pigion , thatway its safe . SLAN GERARD .

  5. I was just telling the married sister Bernadette about your mississippi trip . Bern thought it was a wee bit dangerous and decided on a wee plan . Berns a great one for prayers saints and all classes of things . Ive to keep an eye on the mississippi trip and keep her posted .Bern says your as safe as a row of thatched cottages cause she on board . Ryan this has come along at the right AS BERN was in a bad way of going . A new project will lift her mind . Ijust tell you that only last Sunday MIGHTY her wee dog was run down by bily joe Dohertys tractor . Bern even resulted to four letter words .Sorry ive a wee error or two in my letter . SLAN GERRARD .

  6. My 8-year, 6-year and 3-year old granddaughters and I are following your trip down the Mississippi. Today, we are going to Itasca State Park where your trip began. We’re all excited about that!
    We’re interested in your comments…. When telling us about your trip, please remember that younger children are reading your accounts. Best wishes for a safe trip down the Mississippi!!!

  7. What a great adventure you guys are experiancing.. Can’t wait to see and read more from your trip. Keep it up!!!

  8. You are right, DeAnne. The language is a thing. It’s sort of my performance artist/commedian heritage: they’re always telling you to “not hold back” “not hold back” soooooo in written form it doesn’t always come across as you may intend. Soooo, I’m trying to find a balance between “keeping things real” and “keeping things kosher” I’m working on it. Thank you for following!

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