The River is Life

In the summer of 2009, filmmakers Phillip Hullquist and Ryan Jeanes embarked on a two-thousand-three-hundred-mile journey down the entire length of the Mississippi River. Armed with a high-definition video camera, two paddles, two inflatable kayaks and their wits (or lack thereof), the pair aimed to be the first to document a real-life epic journey down America’s greatest and best-known waterway.

An American tale, a family tale, a story of danger, friendship and redemption everyone can enjoy, The River is Life will tug on your heartstrings and sound the call to adventure. So grab an oar and meet an incredible cast of characters, face danger with 4-foot boat wakes, oceanic lake crossings and monstrous barges, meet the people of the river as you stay in their homes and live their hospitality… and quirkiness.

Journey North to South on the legendary Mississippi River and be a part of an adventure you will never forget.

The Hitchhiking Movie

The Hitchhiking MovieThe Hitchhiking Movie follows the journey of Ryan Jeanes during his quest to hitchhike across the United States. With a one-week deadline and nearly 3000 miles to travel, this trip wasn’t going to be easy.

Come with us on a road trip from New York to Los Angeles where Ryan and Phillip have to depend solely on the help of strangers.

Is kindness still alive on America’s highways? You’ll find out in this unforgettable adventure!

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