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11 Visions was born out of a simple concept: When adventure beckons, answer the call. At 11 Visions we act only on the ideas that compel us, ideas that won’t leave us alone, ones that keep us up at night thinking about how cool it would be to actually do what there’s no way in hell anyone in their right mind would do if they had a lick of sense.  Here at 11 Visions, we are genuinely interested in sharing these adventures with you, so you will find tons of content to visit again and again.  Visit our blog or video library.  Play a few audios or buy a DVD.  We want you to explore these strange worlds with us and, as our companions, wish for you to identify with the joy and freedom of adventure that is in each and every one of us.


Everyone here at 11 Visions is pleasantly strange.  We embrace a blithely different way of looking at things that allows us to experience more wonder, joy and awe in this beautiful and singularly magnificent world.  We love to do crazy things like hitchhike across the United States, or swim a mile in Lake Michigan in freezing temperatures, or float down the Mississippi River in a raft. Why? Because we wish to feel the electricity of life pumping through our veins; and, we hope, in some small part, that you can feel some of that electricity here too. That is why we invite you to awaken within yourself your own sense of wonder and joy in this alluringly fantastic world.  May you embrace, as we did, that simple desire within you to get out and see it all.

And last…

Our content is entertaining, fun, and hopefully irreverent.  Above all, it aims to capture the spirit of freedom and adventure we all crave.  It can be goofy, hilarious to some, just plain weird to others.  That’s cool.  We dig that, and we dig your opinion as long as you’re having a good time.  Discovery and exploration are our mainstay.  I hope you can be as a child here, learning, loving and exploring.  We try to act as children as much as possible in our movies and on our site; it makes us feel good; and, if just these words alone have awakened within you a bit of that childlike wonder, we’re doing our job.  There are no boundaries to what can be done, felt, and lived in this world.  We aim to explore that truth as much as possible in both our lives and on this site.  With luck, we will be able to report that truth to you as beautifully as possible and with fun, honesty and hilarity.  Please stick around; we’re glad you’re here.  To get started, click on a few links.  Here’s a few we recommend:

  1. The Hitchhiking Movie
  2. Mississippi Float
  3. English Channel

We hope your spirit becomes freer here.  We hope you can express yourself honestly here.  Please visit our forum.  Chat with a few human beings, criticize someone’s post, love someone’s post, hate us, love us, act like a dick, act like a nice person – nothing is out of bounds… well, don’t act like too big of a dick; please try to be nice the majority of the time.  We hope that your heart opens more here and that you come again and again.  Read a post, watch a video, buy a DVD.  The adventurer you always were has come alive.  Ready to go on a ride?


11 Visions is a collaboration between filmmaker Phillip Hullquist and actor Ryan Jeanes. Together with the help of other like-minded individuals, we create content that is unusual, entertaining and inspirational.

Our movies are for both fellow adventure travelers and the armchair traveler. If you are a lover of adventure or are a lover of watching it, you’re in the right place.  Browse our blog.  Our posts, videos, and audios are all designed to allow you to share in the excitement of interesting, dramatic, and just plain crazy undertakings.  Interested in a more personal vein?  Voila.  Our personal blogs.  Enter at your own risk.  No, I’m serious – enter at your own risk. : )

A Note About Language

Words create strong emotions in other people, and that’s why we like them so much. Some people have been programmed to have a negative reaction to certain words. This world can be intrepid, and we will not eschew intrepid words in addition to off-the-cuff, colloquial phrases especially when they do oh such a good job of describing exactly how we think and feel about certain experiences.  While our movies will strive to meet a PG-13 standard, some of the media content on this website will not be as restrictive. As an acting teacher of mine once said, sometimes there is just no other way to say “bullshit!”  But don’t worry; if content gets too racy, we’ll label it appropriately.  Buuuuut I have a hunch you might be here for racy.

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Great job on the site folks, hope to see you on the river/road/mountaintop/or crappy roadside cafe devouring their ‘catch of the day,’ (whatever it might be).

    Improvise and overcome.


  2. Love the site…looking forward to the movie. Your posts always make me smile, or laugh, or both. Ryan, maybe that gigante fish can be a swim guide 😉 Take care and have fun! Pura Vida!

  3. What a fabulous adventure! Maybe we will see you on the Mississippi? We are heading down from Stillwater MN to Red Wing MN on July 12 and will be on the river until July 18th.
    We will keep our eyes peeled!
    Best of Luck to you Ryan and Phillip!

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