February 2009


How to Get “The Best Job in the World”

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Today marks the final day of a worldwide job search conducted by the Queensland Tourism Authority in Australia. This thinly disguised viral marketing effect is already a success even though the winner hasn’t yet been …


Dilbert Goes Hitchhiking

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I don’t blame Scott Adams for his negative portrayal of hitchhiking in a recent series of Dilbert strips. After all, he’s a supporter of the growing rideshare movement and the joke wouldn’t work without the …


Ethos, Logos, Pathos and the Quest for Tiger’s Milk Bars

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Ethos – similar to the word ethics – is an ancient Greek word meaning character. Logos – as in logic – means word, and pathos – pathological, empathy, sociopath – means feeling or suffering. Ethos, …


Adventure Movie to Feature Float Down Entire Mississippi River

Posted by ryanjeanes on February 16, 2009  /   4 Comments

Nashville, TN — February 16, 2009 — Their first film cataloged their attempt to hitchhike coast to coast, across the entire continental United States in under a week.  For their second adventure, they will cross …


Is 11 Visions Only about Travel?

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11 Visions is not just about travel, though we tend to travel a lot. It is about mystery and wonder, the weird and the fanciful. We love exploration. And oftentimes that gets us into some …


New Production Company Brings the Adventure Home

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Nashville, TN — February 8, 2009 — 11 Visions was started on a simple premise:  People love wild, crazy adventures!  And if they don’t have the inclination to go on one themselves at the moment, …


Welcome Adventure Travel Enthusiasts!

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The team at 11 Visions goes on outlandish adventures and documents them for your entertainment. We just finished our latest adventure – a paddling trip down the entire Mississippi River. Our next adventure titled Go …