August 2009


Last Train to Clarksville? First Boat to Saint Louis!

Posted by ryanjeanes on August 31, 2009  /   2 Comments

“What are you doing on the floor!” “I dunno.” “Get up!  You got an audition in 5 minutes.” “I know.  I’m not going.” “What!”  He was aghast. “I said I’m not doin’ it.  I don’t …


Kids will Inherit the Earth

Posted by ryanjeanes on August 26, 2009  /   5 Comments

Current Location:  Louisiana!!!!!  Okay, it’s only the town of Louisiana, about 80 miles north of Saint Louis, in Missouri, but hell! one can dream! Location for this Story:  La Grange, Missouri “Hey dude, like, do …


Ryan’s First Gay River Experience!

Posted by ryanjeanes on August 24, 2009  /   3 Comments

Ha, ha ha, stop getting excited.  It’s not like that.  But I did run into a gay couple in Burlington, IA who was more than awesome.  Okay, all you straight (or gay) immature mother-f-ers, go …


2340 Miles on Free Energy

Posted by parawing on August 23, 2009  /   7 Comments

In just over 1000 miles of paddling the Mississippi River, Ryan and Phillip have already used all three elements from the holy trinity of free energy: hydro, solar, and even wind. I’ll share the secrets …


Steve Woehrle

Posted by ryanjeanes on August 21, 2009  /   2 Comments

Steve Woehrle.  He’s got glasses.  His nose is large.  His ears droop down.  He sees me.  “Your dad’s over there,” he says.  No hello, no nice to see ya, no nothing.  I walk over to …


Gutten Tag!

Posted by ryanjeanes on August 19, 2009  /   1 Comment

Current Location:  Burlington, IA (On my way to St. Louis where Phillip will join me!  Wanna send some encouragement or nastiness as the case may be?  (512) 828 – 2471) “Now listen to me.  Are …


Phil and Ted’s Adventist Adventure

Posted by ryanjeanes on August 16, 2009  /   4 Comments

Okay, Phil wasn’t there (neither was Bill), and Ted went on to do The Matrix and make millions of dollars saying the word, “Wooooaaaahh.”  But I, Mr. Ryan Jeanes, was there.  I experienced it.  I …


My Aitkin Back! Ryan’s Rolicking Recap – Part II

Posted by ryanjeanes on August 12, 2009  /   2 Comments

This is a continuation of Ryan’s Rollicking Recap – Part I. We’ve found Grandma’s old necklace (glad; it was valuable).  We’ve found the armoire, the old coins I collected as a kid.  Blues Brothers poster?  …


Ryan’s Rolicking Recap – Part I

Posted by ryanjeanes on August 10, 2009  /   6 Comments

It’s time to take a step back… step back before we can step forward.  Ever see that Seinfeld episode where it was just old clips of what happened in previous shows?  The writers, actors and …


Fear and Paranoia in Prairie du Chien

Posted by ryanjeanes on August 8, 2009  /   4 Comments

I am a serial killer.  I like to hack people’s heads off and then kill them, uh, the heads.  If you have invited me into your house, you are probably dead because I’m like really …