Movie Tour Announced for “The River is Life”

Posted by ryanjeanes on February 16, 2010  /   3 Comments

The River is Life Tour, a first in independent filmmaking history, will be movie makers Ryan Jeanes’ and Phillip Hullquist’s second trip down the entire length of the Mississippi River.  The creative pair is “taking …


So, What about the English Channel?

Posted by ryanjeanes on November 14, 2009  /   2 Comments

It’s not happenin’.  At least, it’s not happenin’ until I know I’m doing it for the right reasons. The Wrong Reasons Watch this: In the movie Little Miss Sunshine the father, played by Greg Kinnear, …


From the Vault: Hitchhiking with Fred

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Ready for some more travel writing?  Let’s go retro and rummage around the Eleven Visions Archives for a story from The Hitchhiking Movie.  Enjoy. “You move back!  You’re right in my eyesight!” He said it …


“Free Lunch” Movie Will Document Hitchhiking Adventure

Posted by parawing on August 3, 2009  /   1 Comment

I’m going to take a quick break from the Mississippi River news to tell you about a new hitchhiking adventure beginning later this week which is similar to our own hitchhiking trip from back in …


And we thought Minnesota was COLD!

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I’m going to share a funny story that took place over the first couple weeks of our paddling trip. After you finish reading it, please take a moment to vote for us at the link …


My Mom is a Genius

Posted by ryanjeanes on July 20, 2009  /   1 Comment

You’ve got to read this.  My mom, holy crap, wrote this beautiful expose on the truth behind real religious devotees and the fakers.  Phillip told me one time of the Laodicean Chruch, who (I’m paraphrasing) …


The $328,835 Photo

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Are you were one of the New Yorkers who had to buy new underwear after the US Department of Defense decided it was a good idea to fly a jumbo jet and two fighter planes …


Free Ride Down the Mississippi River!

Posted by ryanjeanes on April 25, 2009  /   1 Comment

OK, so we have a wild and crazy idea.  Our first one!  We love our fans, and they love us (at least that’s what they tell us to our faces). So for our upcoming Mississippi …


Skydiving into a Forest Fire and Rafting 3000 Miles, All in a Day’s Work

Posted by ryanjeanes on March 29, 2009  /   1 Comment

In preparation for our upcoming Mississippi Float Trip, we have chosen to speak with a select group of individuals who have successfully paddled down the entire length of North America’s mightiest river.  A general badass, …


How to Get “The Best Job in the World”

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Today marks the final day of a worldwide job search conducted by the Queensland Tourism Authority in Australia. This thinly disguised viral marketing effect is already a success even though the winner hasn’t yet been …