Dilbert Goes Hitchhiking

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I don’t blame Scott Adams for his negative portrayal of hitchhiking in a recent series of Dilbert strips. After all, he’s a supporter of the growing rideshare movement and the joke wouldn’t work without the reference to hitchhiking. However, when presented in this manner it keeps reinforcing the idea of hitchhiking as inherently being dangerous. We know better. But public opinion (be it true or false) creates the reality. Our work may help to reverse this reality in the future.

One thought on “Dilbert Goes Hitchhiking”

  1. This is Ryan, y’all. I agree with Phillip’s assesment. I will add, however (and we explored this in the movie), that hitchhiking is 100% impractical in terms of efficiency. If you got somewhere you gotta be, uhhhhhhh hitchhiking is not your best bet. If you’ve got some time, hitchhiking is wonderful, pleasantly scary, and (yes) as safe as bathing in the kiddie end of the pool. Check out the movie to see wonderful impracticality of it all.

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