Is 11 Visions Only about Travel?

11 Visions is not just about travel, though we tend to travel a lot. It is about mystery and wonder, the weird and the fanciful. We love exploration. And oftentimes that gets us into some singularly peculiar situations like that time we wound up inside a cow’s intestine… Lies, my friend, lies. However, we did end up smoking a prayer pipe with an Indian, and we did hitch a ride with a hot girl who ended up driving 45 miles to deliver us bananas, and we did get nearly arrested four or five times in four or five different states (and one international airport)… Don’t forget the time we found ourselves walking through the rain on Route 66 where a shirtless man, skinny as a rail, riding a kid’s bike rode into his house to fetch us ponchos. I then had a black man tell me he wanted me to pay him back by helping another black person. And I had money and food and shelter show up mysteriously where I needed it when I needed it.

Life is a mystery, my friends (Lord, did I not sound like John McCain there!). Uhhhhhh, look (oh that’s better, just like Obama), I want to tell you that there are 11 known dimensions to this universe, and you have yet to see them all. We all have yet to see them all. Our vision is that all you wish to see shall be laid before you like the unfolding desert at dawn. Step to the top of that building and gaze. Stick your thumb out; someone will stop. Travel is not the only way to experience and perhaps make love to the best in this world. In fact, I know it’s not. Say hello to a stranger (that’s a vision), kayak down the Mississippi (that’s a vision), learn a language (that’s a vision), beat time on your child’s head with a mud-caked hand as he latches onto your leg and begs you to walk him. This world is real. You are in it now. Yes, you. This is all here for you. Please grab it now. We support you in your travels, in your amours, and your ambitions. All of it is an adventure; all of it is a vision. Leap, love and explore. We are and we hope you do too. : )>

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