Escape from Alcatraz!


In preparation for our upcoming English Channel Swim, Eleven Visions will be, first, escaping from Alcatraz!  The Alcatraz swim, hosted by swim instructor Leslie Thomas, will take place April 5, and we want YOU to be there!  Follow our blog updates and web videos for the exciting details as Ryan tries to swim away from all the bad crap he’s done.  What he did to get thrown into Alcatraz we’ll never know.

The 1.25 mile swim will be Ryan’s first open water swim (no walls, no pool bottom) and he’s as nervous as the pope on his wedding night.  Come join in the fun.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.  ‘Swim straight’ has already been suggested.
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2 thoughts on “Escape from Alcatraz!”

  1. Will you be swimming with camera? 🙂

    I will miss all the excitements you’ll be encounting as I’ll be in Hawaii that particular week.

    Have fun!


    PS: There is a 9′ sturgeon fish swimming in the Bay right now.. spotted by NBC news. That would add some excitement to your swim! 🙂

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