Success at Alcatraz!

ryanalcatraz-smallA short while ago, Ryan Jeanes of decided to swim from the Island of Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay to the mainland, in preparation for his upcoming English Channel swim, in the summer of 2010.  Did he make it?  Read ahead to find out.

The Isla de los Alcatraces has been conquered.  Al Capone is dead (tax evasion, was it?), also Tataglia, Barzini, the heads of all the five families.  That Clint Eastwood movie is true – you can build a rubber raft out of raincoats, and there are no sharks in the Bay (though for 3 minutes during the swim I was major, MAJOR! flipping out – What if there are!  I mean what if they’re lying to me; I’m separated from the pack; a Great White could easily pick me off here and I’m only 300 meters from shore, shit!  shiiiiiiiiiiit… ok calm down, buddy…


What I’m trying to say here is… I MADE IT!

In a shade under an hour.

Not bad for my first “real” open water swim.

The swim went extraordinarily well, and I want to thank my family, the SERC, the Dolphin Club, Suzie Dods, my mom, my dads, my brothers, Barzini (okay we did that joke), and especially…

Barry, Barrryyyy! from the SERC, for helping me with my prep swims in the Aquatic Park.  Couldn’t have done it without you, mate.

And of course, Cy.  Also from the SERC, Cy is the only Chinese American I’ve ever met who eats grits.  Thank you, Cy, for letting me stay in your home and for being pretty much the most awesomest, coolest person ever invented.  You are a true light in the world.  By the way, my dear readers, if you ever need your home remodeled, Cy Lo is your man.

We did it.

Yes, I was out there alone, but the supporters along the way were instrumental.

Now I just need to swim in a straight line.

Future posts will break this all down, but for now, just know…


You can put your well-wishes and congratulations in the comment section below.

A la prochaine.


3 thoughts on “Success at Alcatraz!”

  1. Good man yourself . The only sharks you need to look out for work in BANKS . Again good man yourself . GERRARD .

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