It Is Finished!

October 4, 2009--6:29:11
October 4, 2009--6:29:11

There is a feeling you get after battling 20 mph headwinds all morning, after eating nothing but trail mix all day in order to meet a deadline, after getting the first glimpse of the ocean far in the distance, after paddling together without missing a stroke for nearly 10 minutes during the final stretch, after hitting that first crashing wave rolling into the shore, and after setting your paddle down in victory.

But I will be unable to accurately describe that feeling to you because you will never know it until you paddle the Mississippi River.

18 thoughts on “It Is Finished!”

  1. NICE JOB!!! I am impressed. You guys inspired me, I am in the planning stages of my own trip. I will need your advice! Way to go!

  2. Phillip & Ryan…..You did it, but I had no doubt for sure, you two were determined and did something amazing that not alot people would have the courage or guts to do. I thank GOD that you made it safe and sound. It was a pleasure meeting you both and hope we can meet again one day but I would definatley like to keep in touch with you both. If you ever come to Louisiana make sure to come in to Donaldsonville and I will cook you all a real “Cajun Meal” and enjoy some good conversation about your trip. Congratulation’s guy’s, what a great job. Keep in touch.

    Janet Kocke
    Donaldsonville, La. 70346
    (225) 473-0751

  3. “It is finished!” Interesting theological reference for such an excruciating experience. You guys show such Passion for your journeys. Now that you have saved the world, you have exactly three days to bring the movie to life.

  4. Yahoo!!! What an amazing feat! You did it! You did it together! You accomplished your goal with the help of so many amazing strangers that trusted you and opened their hearts and minds and gave you help where and when you needed it most!

    I thank God for those wonderful strangers. I thank God for the Gift of the River. You truly did experience the River As Life and I cannot wait to see your movie!!!

    Way to Go! Congratulations! You did it! Your family rejoices with you!


  5. Hey guys,
    Would like to talk to one of you via phone this afternoon – for a radio news story. Call me at 952-417-3024.


  6. It is finished! Beautiful job guys! Thrilled for your success and knowing that you are safe, warm, fed, and intending to ‘what if’ up until the next adventure. It’s been a pleasure watching, reading, and connecting with you along the way Ryan. Do keep in touch! Today show, Good Morning America, and world, HERE THEY COME!!!
    Your portly spiritual guide, Jodes 🙂

  7. Congrats, guys! I take it you made it out of the Gulf ok since I never heard from you. Loved running into you guys on the banks in NOLA. Let us know if you ever pass back through.

  8. Congratulations!!!!! It was great meeting you. More amazing than you 2500+ mile trip is your courage to follow you dreams and continue doing these projects. You are an inspiration…and you smell. Slightly. I can tell by the pictures.

  9. Congratulations on completion of a daunting task! Another experience under your belt and I’m sure you’re already pondering your next. Good luck in your next endeavour.

  10. Congratulations on your trip and really glad to see that you made your goal. I hope the information that Chris Brown (pilot),Me, Seth gave helped you along the way to make a safe enjoyable trip For U. I am anxiously waiting for the release of your movie.

    M/V Safety Quest
    Chris Short
    2nd deckengineer

  11. Awsome!
    My brother and I always talked about that trip. We have a cabin by the headwaters. We always dreamed about the trip but will never do it. Nice feeling to know someone did.

  12. Ryan (and Phil by extension, given that I’ve never met you),

    I’ve just emptied the last of my bank account in your favour. I’m completely blown away by how amazingly cool you are and how TENACIOUS.

    Congratulations. Congratulations.


  13. @Jess – I don’t know what to say. Thank you. For those of you who don’t know Jess is an Aussie who is studying to be a litigator, and doesn’t have much moo-lah. Though she will; she’s going to run Australia in my opinion or at least one of the provinces. Thank you Jess, that’s amazing, thank you.

    @Tal – Tal, dreaming is enough. I think this blog was successful (um, if you want to call it that, lol) because it tapped into the dreams of other people. Many said they wished they could do something like that, so though you’ll not do it, no matter, watch the film when it comes out and hopefully (if we do our job) the movie will be as fun as the adventure.


  14. Dude, you guys are good. Just when I thought I may have trumped something you’d done, you go and spend 105 in a kayak. Hats off gentlemen obviously I’m anxious to see how the video turns out!

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