Phillip and I Will Burn Bibles

Achtung!  Phillip and I are sick and tired of the false versions of the Holy Bible being read by church-goers everywhere.  We are likewise tired of reading the works of such heretics as the Pope, Billy Graham and Mother Teresa.  Satanic-message-spewing servants of Beelzebub like the the Mother of Calcutta, who said she wished to care for “the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved,” (I know, right?  Give me a break!) need to have their collective works burned in a fiery bonfire and fast!

Off my rocker, you say?  Take this cup bearer for the feast of Satan Billy Graham.  I mean this guy has written, “Courage is contagious.  When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.”  Ha!  Trying to get me more courageous, are you?  Well, how’s this for courage:  I’m heading to North Carolina to burn your and all you other heretics’ bibles, religious works, spiritual works, passionate bids for Love in the world and entreaties for Peace in a good, old-fashioned Halloween Book Burning where there will be barbeque, fried chicken, and I heard Sister Margaret is bringing her potato salad!  My, she’s been looking well after the divorce.  Maybe her and Billy Bob are better off separated.  Too bad she’s going to hell for breaking the covenant of marriage, but damned if that potato salad won’t be good!

I’ve had it with the perversions of God’s word!  And so has this guy:  Pastor Marc Grizzard of the Amazing Grace Baptist Church is up to here with false versions of the Bible like the New International Version, Contemporary English Version, The Evidence, The Message, The Green.  And goddammit I’m tired of it too!

The King James Version is the only TRUE! Bible.  Everyone knows that God’s infallible word was translated from Hebrew to Greek to German to English in the 16th century (and if you’ve ever read Shakespeare you know certain subtleties are lost on modern English, but that’s not the point!).  God ran those crazy Hebrew characters (vowels, people?  Hello!!!!!) through the linguistic wringer over thousands of years for a reason!  So His, um, Her? word would be loud and clear for you and me.

Thank God Pastor Grizzard is burning these heretic bibles on Halloween.  And thank God Phillip and I are going there to cover it just so we can entertain you (um, save your souls) with the story.  I’m hoping personally to get my hands on the original Dead Sea Scrolls (a perversion of the King James translation) so we can light those babies up like a Christmas tree.

Ryan, you can stop now.  We get it.

Sorry, I was channeling Johnathan Swift there for a moment.  Don’t worry:  I won’t suggest we eat infants for protein, but if we could get those death panels up and running that’d be sweet… thaaaanks.

I’ve been trying to rack my brain trying to figure out why Mr. Grizzard wants these crazy bibles burned.  (His website is temporarily down – tons of traffic – but you can find the invitation he sent out here.  Read the comments section too where one commenter points out that Pastor Grizzard is surely a heretic himself because everyone knows that TRUE BARBEQUE! comes only from pulled pork shoulder… lol.)  I told my friend who’s semi-religious about this guy and she shuddered, “I, um, yeah, I read just my Student Bible, but that’s… oh my god… buring a Bi-ble?”  While he’s not burning a pile of defenseless puppies, there is a certain sickening feeling one gets contemplating the notion, even if they were written by Satan.  Shouldn’t Satan get a word processor?  Who’s his publisher?  Frikkin’ Simon and Schuster probably.  They’re the ones who published my 4th grade Geography book.  If there ever was a book written by Satan…

Honestly, I don’t know why he’s burning the Bibles.  Yes, I understand his logic.  Read his letter and it basically says any translation not based on the Textus Receptus is of the DEEEVIL!  Why the hell didn’t the Devil just release The Holy Bible, New International Satanic Version!  I think that would clear up a lot of confusion.

But, I mean, c’mon, seriously.  This guy is a little wacko, AAAAAAND he’s perfect for our new film: Go to Hell? Go to Hell? explores the concepts of heaven and hell in the world today.  It is a hands-on adventure just like our other adventures.  We will go and physically talk to all these heretics, holy ones, crazy ones, and ones ones in order to answer the question:  Will I go to hell?  That’s the basic premise:  Is hell real and will I go there?  And we’ll need some information fast, because I’m looking around and noticing that the physical body doesn’t seem to last too long on this earthly plane.  Did I just feel an earthquake?

We believe Marc Grizzard might have some answers for us.  If not, we’ll at least get some of the participants of this down-home family book burning to talk about heaven and hell and what I will need to do to get to/avoid either place.  I think a smoky bonfire fueled by those pesky faux translations will make great B-roll footage even if Phil and I just make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in front of it.

To answer your question:  YES!  We will be bringing sticks and marshmallows.  Oh, and the Amazing Grace Baptist True One-and-Only Holy Baptist (sigh) Church, is going to be burning country music too!!  Mary Chapin Carpenter CD, you’re on my list!

Let’s get some comments going guys!  Question:

Will I go to hell?

Will you go to hell?

What do we need to do to avoid it?

Is it real?

Is it a state of mind / physical place?

Comment, comment, please discuss!

For an excellent debate held on ABC’s Nightline titled Does Satan Exist? click here.  I’ve got the first video in the series below.  I like how the Prostitute Preacher still looks kinda like a prostitute… you go, hunny!  Also you’ll be treated to an uncharacteristically angry Depak Chopra – fun!  And finally, I must say that of that whole panel, I have the most respect for Bishop Carlton Pearson.  He literally stood up to his entire congregation to say that hell does not exist and that their poor family members who had sinned here and there were not burning in the fiery flames.  I mean, for a man to take a stand like that…  That, my friends; that, Billy Graham, is courage.  I looked around, MSNBC did the best coverage of the story:  click here.  

Thanks, and anyone who knows how I can get an interview with Bishop Pearson, let me know.  And also if you’ve got any good preachers/priests/imams/rabbis/Jedis/ministers of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster we can talk to, let me know.

Thank you and for real, GOD BLESS YOU and EVERYONE ELSE!


One thought on “Phillip and I Will Burn Bibles”

  1. Clearly there is a Hell if you are an unapproved version of the Bible or other book containing religious heresy. That is, according to the 14 member Church Of The Burning Book.

    Bishop Carlton Pearson needs to understand the Truth of symmetry. Matter-antimatter, yin-yang, Republican-Loser(sorry, I couldn’t resist), conscious-unconscious, Heaven-Hell. Religion is all about the fight(balance) between the opposites, not sentimental feelings about specific backsliding relatives or starving Africans burning eternally in the lake of fire.

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