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And we thought Minnesota was COLD!

I’m going to share a funny story that took place over the first couple weeks of our paddling trip. After you finish reading it, please take a moment to vote for us at the link below. We will love you forever!

Antarctica's only export is cold!
Antarctica's only export is cold!

Before leaving on our Mississippi River trip, Ryan bought a warm weather “sleep sack” to use while we camped nightly along the river. After all, it was summertime and the daytime temperature was in the 70s and 80s.

I was smarter and brought a quality 15 degree sleeping. So here’s how it went down: It turns out that Minnesota (where the Mississippi River begins) is really cold at night–even during the summertime! While Ryan froze in the night air which often dropped into the low 40s, I was toasty warm and sometimes even hot. I often bragged about this fact to poor Ryan while he shivered around the morning fire.

See, Ryan is a city boy from Texas and he doesn’t know the first thing about cold weather. I’m a country boy from New York state where we regularly see winter temperatures well below zero. I think it would be absolutely hilarious for Ryan and myself to blog from the coldest place on earth. Of course, I’ll remind him to buy a better sleeping bag first!

So basically how it works is that if we get the most votes, we’ll get a free trip to Antarctica! Please vote for me and I’ll force Ryan to come along and discover how really cold weather feels. Don’t worry…he’ll love it!!!

Here’s the link:

Free Ride Down the Mississippi River!

OK, so we have a wild and crazy idea.  Our first one!  We love our fans, and they love us (at least that’s what they tell us to our faces).

So for our upcoming Mississippi River Adventure, we’re going to do something a little bit different and a little bit wild in honor of you, dearest reader.  As you know, 11 Visions is floating down the entire length of the Mississippi River where we’ll be video blogging and making arses of ourselves as usual.


“Who, meeeeeee?”

Yeah, you!

One lucky winner will win a 2 day/1 night cruise down the greatest river in America.

“Oh me, oh my, how ever will I be chosen?”

Easy peasy, my little lemon squeezy.  All you have to do is write us!

That’s it!

To be chosen as our honored guest on the Mississippi River for our Free Ride Challenge, email us at contest@11visions.com and tell us why we should give you a free ride down the Mississippi River.

“So like… what!!!???”

Yes.  We are going to tow you down the Mississippi River in a 2 day/1 night river cruise.  You will get a behind-the-scenes look at how 11 Visions makes its movie magic.  You will be treated to 3 full-course meals of, I don’t know, porridge probably and maybe some beans.  You will be treated to on-board entertainment (Phillip will do some hula hoop tricks and I’ll tell dirty jokes, maybe I can try hula-hooping while telling dirty jokes).  You will see the greatest river in America for 2 ful days!!!  If you haven’t already, WATCH THE VIDEO!  

To enter the contest, send a brief, 50 to 100 word response to this question:

Why should we put up with you… er… Why should you be chosen to ride down the Mississippi River with us?

That’s it.

Send your response to contest@11visions.com.

Contest winner will be chosen on creativity, humor and sincerity of response. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, send a creative pic or post a video response on youtube.

All entries may be and probably will be published on this site, so be proud, put your name on it, and win the MISSISSIPPI FREE RIDE ADVENTURE!