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11 Visions Meets Virgin Mobile’s Standards

In preparation for our upcoming Mississippi Float Trip, 11 Visions is exploring options of the technological persuasion.  That is, how the hell do you upload videos and posts from a river?  Virgin Mobile seemed to have some options, but not everyone is happy with Virgin’s new data plans.

This is hilarious.  Read part of Gizmodo’s review of Virgin Mobile’s new data plan (http://gizmodo.com/5285862/virgin-mobile-pay+as+you+go-mobile-broadband-is-predictably-expensive):

Really though, how many people with contract-precluding credit ratings have any interest in mobile broadband? I’d say this one’s only going to be appealing for travelers, recent arrivals with no credit history, or people without a clear idea of where they’re going to be living in the next few months.

Ha ha ha ha, isn’t that hillarious?  OK, let’s look at 11 Visions’ demographics:

  • travlers?     check.
  • recent arrivals?     aren’t all travelers recent arrivals?
  • people with no clear idea where they’re going to be living in the next few months?     does “i know i’ll be living somewhere along the bank of the mississippi river” count?

Suffice it to say that 11 Visions fits right onto Richard Branson’s preferred customer list – people who have no idea where the hell they’re going to be or when.