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Oh Baby! In Minnesota!!

Howdy y’all!  (That’s what they say up here.)  We are in the Land of 10 Billion Lakes.  Something like that; there’s a scheisseload of lakes.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re going to be on the river in 2 days!  Today is the first day of summer, June 21, 2009 and it’s awesome.  The weather is cool, it’s a new beginning, and we’re ready to begin anew.

2552 miles south; here we come.

I want to thank everyone who has decided to come along with us on this journey.  Tell your friends.  We want to make this an adventure for everybody, so if you have decided to come along…

Grab a damn paddle!  What, do you think I’m going to do all the work?????

Hardy har har.  Ok, no, you won’t be paddling, but I do say in all sincerity that knowing that you guys are following us and encouraging us makes this journey all the more sweeter.  We promise to send you the most ineresting and entertaining content we can.  See?  In a way, you’ve got the better end of the deal:  you get to see all the exciting parts!!

That’s part of the fun of travel writing and travel watching; the writer is the one who can pick and choose what is worth telling.  So rest assured you won’t get anything like, “Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh, paddling some moooorrreeee, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”  And if you do, shoot us in the head through the computer screen.

No, I promise, to the best of my ability, to share with you only that which

inspires you

livens you

makes you sing

makes you feel the sting of adventure

and makes you want to come along with us!

Thanks again.

We’re driving to Lake Itasca AS WE SPEAK!


11 Visions is an innovative film company that goes on wild and crazy adventures for your entertainment.  To find out more about the Mississippi River Adventure, visit theriverislife.com. Photo of River Falls, MN courtesy of Epodunk.com.

11 Visions Meets Virgin Mobile’s Standards

In preparation for our upcoming Mississippi Float Trip, 11 Visions is exploring options of the technological persuasion.  That is, how the hell do you upload videos and posts from a river?  Virgin Mobile seemed to have some options, but not everyone is happy with Virgin’s new data plans.

This is hilarious.  Read part of Gizmodo’s review of Virgin Mobile’s new data plan (http://gizmodo.com/5285862/virgin-mobile-pay+as+you+go-mobile-broadband-is-predictably-expensive):

Really though, how many people with contract-precluding credit ratings have any interest in mobile broadband? I’d say this one’s only going to be appealing for travelers, recent arrivals with no credit history, or people without a clear idea of where they’re going to be living in the next few months.

Ha ha ha ha, isn’t that hillarious?  OK, let’s look at 11 Visions’ demographics:

  • travlers?     check.
  • recent arrivals?     aren’t all travelers recent arrivals?
  • people with no clear idea where they’re going to be living in the next few months?     does “i know i’ll be living somewhere along the bank of the mississippi river” count?

Suffice it to say that 11 Visions fits right onto Richard Branson’s preferred customer list – people who have no idea where the hell they’re going to be or when.


The Only People Really Going Green Nowadays Carry AK47’s

Mountain View, AR.  Your place in the mountains. 
Mountain View, AR. Your place in the mountains.

11 Visions is in the Natural State, Arkansas, preparing for their Mississippi River Adventure, which will begin the first day of summer, June 21, 2009.

Slack-jawed yokels and gun-toting Reagan Democrats, that’s all there is in Arkansas.  So I thought.  Turns out Arkansasians are some of the Greenest of the population to start.  While latte-sipping New York liberals philosophize about “going Green” and “oh if the destructive policies of George ‘Satan’s Little Helper’ Bush hadn’t been implemented we wouldn’t be in this mess…(slurp),” the Arkansasians we’re staying with here in Mountain View, AR are growing their own gardens, using solar panels liberally, and doing their best to become fully self-sustained.  Amazing 

Now, mind you, I highly doubt they’re doing it to further the wishes of Barack Hooooo-saaaaaayyyyynnnnnnn Obama, but (just by being themselves) I’ve seen some of the most environmentally friendly living… well… ever.

Phillip and I are in Arkansas to do a few things:

  1. Phillip used to live here.  To be specific, he MOVED here from his home in upstate New York.  Why would you move to Arkansas from… anywhere?  That’s what I’ve been asking him.  But after staying here a couple of days, I have to say, I can kinnnnndaaaa see why.  So he’s come back to visit some old friends.
  2. There’s a dude here who took a rowboat of sorts down the entire Mississippi.  He’s a character, and we’ll have an interview up for you shortly.  His home is also completely energy independent – I’ll ask him if he’s an Obama supporter.
  3. We needed a place to stay, and Phil’s friend is letting us camp on his land and bathe in his creek.  It’s awesome – fish bite your ass.  
  4. We needed a big flat lake to test out different kayak configurations.  Currently the big question is whether we’ll be taking one boat or two from Lake Itasca.  I am a huuuuge fan of one boat – less paddling.  But we may need two for the supplies.  We will also be showing our 2-boat adventure down the Cumberland shortly, and this much is clear:  Two boats blow in terms of the effort it takes to tow the second.  If we can get down to one, I’ll be all smiles.  
  5. And finally we might be able to interview a guy for our work in the works tentatively titled Go to Hell.  We want to make a doc exploring the concepts of hell, why people believe in such a crazy thing, and of course make a crrraaaaaaaazeeeee funny movie in the process.

There is a careful balance in this small town between nature and technology; and, though the majority prooooobably doesn’t feel too hot on liberals, they’re ten times more Green than the most ardent Al Gore fan.   

We’ll save the discussion on compulsive stockpiling of AK47’s and radical religiosity for another time.

Arkansas:  Politically, religiously and ideologically polarized.  Carbon neutral.

Slap it on a bumper sticker.